Aircraft Operations: Aircraft fees are billed to the organisation/person shown on the CAA register at time of service. Fees are changed at the rates shown on this webpage at the time of service.

Landing Fees for Visiting Aircraft on Private Operations: All aircraft types $10.00 (inclusive of GST)

Annual Facilities Fee for Resident Aircraft: Facilities fee $100.00 + GST per quarter. This fee covers unlimited landings for a specific aircraft and use of aerodrome facilities, for aircraft that are based at NZTE, and/or regular users of NZTE and used only for private operations.

Annual Facilities Fee for Syndicated Resident Aircraft: 2 x Facilities fees are payable. This is due to syndicated aircraft being used more than other aircraft. Syndicated aircraft which are being used for flight training are considered commercial operations. All flights involving flight training are not covered by the facility fee payment option. These flights are charged at the standard $10 per landing rate.

Commercial Operations: Commercial operations require approval from the Aerodrome Operator. Landing Fees by negotiation. Contact the Aerodrome Operator on 021 681 991 or 07 960 2112
Private Overnight Parking: $10.00 + GST per night. Resident aircraft $50.00 + GST per month. Commercial Parking by negotiation.

Touch & Goes, Low Approach and Go Around: The first of a session of movements is charged at the normal Landing fee rate. Subsequent movements in a continuous series of ‘Touch and Go’  or ‘Go arounds’ etc will not incur any further charges.